David koch tips to save money at sale time

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Chasing a bargain is forming the foundation of so many family budgets. A sale can be a great

opportunity to snag a deal, but if youre not careful its easy to get tricked into

overspending despite the discounts.

Heres a few things to keep in mind.

1. Continue shopping around

It might look like a great deal, but chances are the item will be on sale at other retailers too,

and sometimes much cheaper.

Check out some other stores before you dish out your cash.

2. Jump online

Like physical retailers, online stores will be looking to clear some stock after the financial


Online retailers will often have better deals and their goods will carry the same warranty and

returns policies of their physical counterparts.

And if you can find a store offering free postage, even better.

3. Dont go overboard

Just because its on sale, doesnt mean you need it.

Retailers will use these tactics to get you your money under the guise of a limited deal.

Regardless of the cost, you still have to make sure the purchase fits into your budget.

And while it might seem like a good idea to stock up on cheap items, make sure they are long

lasting and wont go to waste.